dinsdag 27 juli 2021

Melniboné in battle array

 The figures are from a diverse number of manufacturers; infantry, cavalry and artillery figures are for the most part Old Glory 15mm Russian, Witch Elves are Demonworld and from Khurasan miniatures, the sabretooth tigers.

I am amazed that this took all of six weeks to complete as there were moments I did not even touch a figure for few days. Now complete and looking back at the ‘before’ photos, I am pleased how everything turned out, especially the flags.

Follow the link to review their original condition before their restoration.


Infantry of the Right Wing.

Infantry of the Left Wing.

The Guard.

The Cavalry

Reserve artillery, Rockets and Fire Siphon teams.

Witch Elves and Sabretooth tigers.

In battle array

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tradgardmastare zei

Great to see these troops deployed.