zondag 3 mei 2015

Vineyard is done.

The vineyard is now complete and I am very happy about that. Here are a series of photos that show the process.

The green is coarse turf from Busch which I first crumbled to make smaller pieces. Over the bare strands I used household contact glue which has a rubber like feel to it when dried. This works better that white glue considering the surface being applied to.

Applying glue over the length of one strand I dipped this in the coarse turf. Tapping out the excess I repeated the same step with the next until all three strands were covered. To tidy up, I removed excess turf to clear a walkway between each row as can be seen in the next photo.

 All three sections are completed which now cover an area of 120 x 160 mm. Now that the process is worked out, a similar piece would not take more than two days including drying time. 

Next the Chateau and the addition of green along the base and walls. This should be completed on Monday and photos will be added to the blog on Tuesday.


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