woensdag 16 april 2014

For sale: The French and Indian War collection

This week, I am offering a French and Indian War collection. All figures are 15 mm Old Glory and are an assortment of French Line, French Militia, frontier types, Indians and as an extra, an Indian village.

Item one:
French Line depict the six regiments that fought in Canada. Twelve elements of fusiliers and two artillery pieces.

Price $120.00 exclusive postage. - SOLD

Item two: 
The Canadian Militia and Coureur du bois are converted figures. That conversion, you can follow that step here
These represent a variety of French, Canadian and frontier types totaling twenty elements , some usable as Provincial Militia for the Crown.

Price $120.00 exclusive postage.  - SOLD

Item three:
Indians are also Old Glory figures and the twenty elements are enough to separate into two groups to fight for both France or Britain. Together with some Canadians and you could have a fine game.

Price $120.00 exclusive postage. - SOLD

Item four: 
Indian village fashioned in the style for the Northeast. Fits the requirement  for DBA village format.

Price $20.00 exclusive postage. - SOLD

PayPal preferred and all queries, please email the following address: timurilank at aol dot com

Special offer, if you accept all four items, I will take care of the “basic cost” of postage. 

maandag 7 april 2014

For Sale: The Rising - Jacobite and British

I am selling DBA and DBA-HX collections to make room for new projects. These are collections I have not used and do not see them being used in future. These are some Renaissance, Horse and Musket era (18th century) and some Colonial.

First, the Rising (1715).

These are a matched pair of Jacobite and British Government forces.

Jacobite are 15 mm Old Glory with a converted mounted General.
With extras, there are in total 14 elements. Price $120.00

British Government forces are all 15 mm Essex. Price $120.00

A special offer for anyone taking BOTH armies, the "basic" cost for shipping is on me. Shipping outside Europe, that is nearly $25.00.

Interested queries, please email timurilank at aol dot com.
PayPal preferred.


donderdag 27 maart 2014

The French in Russia

In two weeks’ time, the French will clash with Russian forces under the command of Wittgenstein. This will be the first time that a Napoleonic game using DBA will be played at the club and judging from the interest to join in, this should be fun.

The DBA-HX variant has been adapted to use the newer version 3.

Here, the French are stirring out of their camp during the early hours to meet the enemy.

On the march toward battle.

Russian troops deployed.

Reserves moving into position. 

The French in Russia (1812) is a participation game that will be held on the 9th of April. Location is the Klokhuis in Amersfoort, time 19.30 hours. The rules are relatively simple and in 10 - 15 minutes you are ready to play. 

Battle report with photos should be posted at the end of the week.