dinsdag 5 mei 2015

Ready for use.

The hedera or commonly known as ivy are sections of Woodland Scenics dark green foliage. I used the same contact glue, so when dry this has the same colour as the natural stems. I spent a good amount of time just visualizing the area to be covered until I decided to just dab the glue and spread sections of foliage over the area.

With a needle, I teased the foliage out so it would not lie flat. This would also add some depth to the green  and bring about a look of wild growth to the section.  

It is done and now ready for use. This Saturday I should receive my latest order of Legio Heroica; the cuirassiers and more infantry, enough for two commands. While waiting for the lead I will start on the flags for the units. 


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Tony zei

I like the way in which the building and the vineyard fit together.