vrijdag 17 april 2015

Chateau and vineyard – early Spring thaw.

I have decided to leave this project for the moment as miniatures for a commission work have arrived. The good news is I am pleased with the results, both chateau and vineyard look very well together and all that is lacking is a bit of green  atop the vines.

At the moment, the vines are brown coloured and with a bit of white glue and flock in two shades of green these would be done. Right now, this has the appearance of a vineyard just before Spring. Adding some “ivy” to the walls of the Chateau will complete the picture.

Strands of twine have been washed to reduce the plastic coating and also “relax” the tension of being rolled up. Rolling the twine between your fingers will loosen the pieces.

The strands are pressed onto the supports. Adding glue and bringing the twine nearer the top will complete the effect.


2 opmerkingen:

Scheck zei

This is a fine technique you use - bravo!
Do you think I could take that also in 40mm scale?
It looks really realistic.
Thank you for this post!!

Timurilank zei

The only difference I would suggest is the flock used for the grape leaf.

As my other projects are completed, I will continue with the vineyard tomorrow. I shall also add ivy to the chateau walls.

Now that I have a new camera as of today, I can take photos.