vrijdag 8 mei 2015

Look what the postman brought.

Delivery of my order from Legio Heroic took me by surprise as this was expected Saturday and not Thursday afternoon. As you can see, I promptly cleaned and based the mounted and skirmisher figures leaving the infantry for next week.

With an undercoat given last night I started painting horses, hats and weapons today. Saturday the uniforms will be painted.

From 1670 onward, armies were now adopting standard colour for uniforms; iron grey or buff coloured, blue, red becoming the majority choice. The mounted figures, all cuirassiers will have uniforms in that colour range.

The small unit of Hussars (LH) will require a bit of research. I do know red seemed a popular colour, so I may paint these in two different shades.


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Dave zei

Lucky boy, I must change my postman.