zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Approaching the halfway mark.

I have made quick progress painting the cuirassiers, skirmishers and hussars. When done, these will be split into two commands to fill out the French and Imperial forces.

As the selection of uniforms by nations was still beginning to become the convention, I used a tried and true technique used for painting barbarians; the rank and file system.

I selected the most common coat colours and divided the mounted into four files, each would have either an iron grey, buff, blue or red coat. To further simplify this task, the skirmishers followed a similar colour pattern.

After the coats were finished, I focused on the shabraque and pistol housings. From the photo you can see each file with a distinct colour the next step was to paint the horse furniture of each rank a red brown, green or blue colour.
The basic colour scheme for each cuirassier element was now slightly different.

Tomorrow, I shall do a bit of dry brushing and tidying up of belts, scabbards. That will leave the detailing and varnishing for Monday.

With a short break to prepare for a game, I will begin the infantry on Wednesday.  

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