zondag 17 mei 2015

Foot units.

All mounted and skirmishers bases are covered with groundwork and when that thoroughly dries I will apply a coat of Earth paint to them.

In the meantime, I have started painting the basic uniform colours for the eight units of foot. Four of iron grey coats, two of red and two of blue will be split among the French and Imperial commands. 

Using my notes, I was able to paint quickly from coat to cuffs and stockings for all the units before lunch. I will be off to Amsterdam in a few hours, so I will add two more colours; mid-brown (pikes, and weapons) and dark grey (hats and shoes) .

After lunch, I did have time to add those two colours mentioned above. Weapons, shoes, hats and shading for belts and the apostles. 

Next step is to add some detailing; highlighting and some black lining, cuff colour for some of the elements. Last step will add flesh, hair and cravat. 

These should be done by Monday evening to be varnished.

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