vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Back in the "saddle".

It seems I was too optimistic about completing the mounted and skirmisher elements. 

Sunday, I began work on a historical scenario for an Ancients publication and became immersed with that project such that I had not touched a brush in nearly a week. The scenario is now researched, documented, and a first draft is done. We have recently begun play testing it and are pleased with the results. Schedules for further testing are now set, so I can now return to the painting table.

The coats are highlighted and black lining has improved the overall appearance. I now lack the harnesses, hair, gold trimmings, and some minor detailing and these will be ready for varnishing tonight.

I look forward to cleaning and basing the eight elements of infantry. After undercoating, painting will not take long. 

Feeling energized (listening to Baroque music) I decided to push on and complete the units pictured above. They are now ready to varnish and that will be done later this evening before retiring. At the moment I am enjoying a well earned pause. 

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