vrijdag 10 april 2015

On the work bench.

One of the more interesting aspects of embarking on a project such as this are some of the lesser known facts that surface when either painting or building terrain features. I mentioned several posts back the need to construct some terrain  items, such as quick set hedges and vineyards. As I now have transport and a lovely coach added to the collection, I thought a wayside inn should be added to the list.

The more I thought about this, I decided would be far more efficient to combine this with the vineyards and doing so the “inn” will be replaced by a small chateau or villa to accompany the vineyards. My planned campaign was set somewhere in Alsace, so I searched the Internet for images of 17th century Alsace, architecture, villages and vineyards. 

The search pulled up more information for the ECW enthusiast, but there were enough gems found that I could move forward with this project. As these battles would be played out on a big battle board, the chateau would serve as a BUA and the fields or enclosures are to be replaced by vineyards. 

Among the sample images found I was further rewarded with the recorded observations of John Locke, who traveled through France’s wine regions during the late 17th century. If you enjoy wine you may find his journal interesting reading.

John Locke, “The viticultural geography of France in the 17th century according to John Locke//La géographie viticole de la France au XVIIe siècle selon John Locke”

Next post; planning vineyards and a chateau.

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