zaterdag 11 april 2015

Planning a Chateau and vineyards,

Searching the Internet, there are a wide variety of architectural styles to be found for Chateaus’. Often translated to English as a castle, palace or country house, I envisioned this project to have more a rural setting and serve as a backdrop for a battle fought nearby.

Below is roughly what I am looking for, a rural château set hill side with a mix of sections and round tower.

"Rural French chateau" by Steve Jurvetson - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - 

You may know that DBA terrain features have prescribed dimensions; that is length plus width must not exceed 9BW (base widths). Most of my hamlets are modular by design which have one or two houses based separately allowing the placement of three or four such bases to make a hamlet, edifice or fort. Flexible with the size and shape a BUA this makes storing them less problematic.

This piece, however, would most likely have all its buildings in a set pattern and would be based as one piece.

Scale and size.
I found in the past 15mm buildings too large for our games and started constructing my own having a similar height, but not as broad or wide. This “squeezed” appearance worked well enough to allow more structures to be place in the same area as one manufactured 15mm model.

The rural château should have a two story living area, several sections for kitchen and storage plus a circular tower. Barn, stables and/or carriage house, it these were to be constructed, would be separate from the château and become part of the adjoining fields.

To bring a sense of size, I cut rectangular pieces to represent the various buildings. Roofing will be added later and these should have differing heights and pitch to give the appearance of a later construction.  

Next post, finalizing the form. 

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