woensdag 8 april 2015

The Baggage Train.

These moments between painting projects are an ideal time to take care of half-finished items or in this case, a bit of re-basing. Although transport is not usually representing in a DBX game, I do find it useful for a creative scenario or two.

These were based on 40 x 40 mm pieces which were not ideal as they could not be used in column without the muzzle of one horse rubbing against the wagon in front. From the Civil War project, all my horse teams were mounted on 30mm round bases which meant easier storage but also interchangeability with items that lacked them. The same system is now used for this era.

Bases are now 30mm x 50mm which give ample room for the transport piece placed in column. Also, transport can now be placed in a wagon park separate from the horse teams and ideal for those scenarios involving an assault on a camp (I have plenty of tents).

All transport is of Essex manufacture. The coach is listed under both the ECW and SYW lists and is actually identical with only the driver being different.  The will look nice parked near a roadside inn. 


3 opmerkingen:

Benoit zei

Très bon ça. Cela donne vraiement bien.
Je devrais faire de même pour mon ECW en 28mm.

Timurilank zei

Merci Benoit.

You should find no shortage of good plastic or metal kits for your wagon park.


Phil zei

Useful and beautiful, love these baggages...