donderdag 12 maart 2015

More cavalry and artillery.

I have completed the second order of Legio Heroica figures and this will bring the total to fifteen elements per army. With the addition of six elements the collection could be expanded to big battle size to face my Ottomans (1680’s).

The Heavy cavalry in the foreground will serve as “cuirassier” class troops until such time the actual figures become available from Legio Heroica (later this year). I am pleased the way the collection turned as I kept to a rather generic collection of uniform colours with no particular nation in mind. The entire range of uniforms were present among the armies of the period.

Painting the General officer I used a lot of ink which restored my interest to use this medium again. I am pleased with the result.

 Next week, I shall put them through a few tests with the updated rule set.


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