zondag 15 maart 2015


Today, I have painted the ground colours for the French and Austrian infantry flags. Tomorrow, the details such as fleur de lys, scrolls, and crowns will be done. By Tuesday, these and the cavalry standards will be mounted on their respective elements.

Information is scarce, but fortunately the French regiments used the same pattern and colour from the 1670’s to the SYW. This is reconfirmed by the number of French flags captured and recorded.

Likewise, information about the Imperial and Allied regimental flags are also noted.

The first photo are of French captured flags and the second is the famous painting of the Condé receiving honours from Louis XIV after his victory at Seneffe. The captured Allied flags are seen in the background.

About the allies, these included not only the Dutch of the United Provinces but the subsidized troops from Brandenburg, Imperial Austria, the smaller German States and the Spanish garrisons in Flemish territories.  

2 opmerkingen:

Jonathan Freitag zei

Looking forward to the final results of your flag painting exercise. Great work, thus far.

Timurilank zei

Thank you for the kind word.

I have done many French and Austrian flags for the WSS and SYW era such that this seems like a memory relapse.

Despite that, the Imperial flags do show a progression in style from 1670 to 1700, to 1740 and finally 1757.