woensdag 4 maart 2015

Late 17th Century

Between two non-painting projects I decided to build a small collection of later 17th century French and the Imperial Austrian with allies. 

Researching the period I extended the rules (DBA-HX 3.0 1700-1850) to allow better use of battalions with mixed weapons and the tactics of the time. I would recommend readers to find a copy of John A. Lynn - Giant of the Grande Siècle: The French Army 1610-1715.

From this and other sources an army list for the French was created and 10 others have been written since then.

France, 1670-1700.
1-2 Cuirassier                                  Maison du Roi and may be Mousquetaires if the King is present.
1-4 Cavalry or early Dragoon           Cavalerie Leger.
0-1 Light Horse                                Early Hussar.
4-6 Line Infantry                            Vieux Corps, four battalion regiments.
0-4 Conscript                                   The newer two battalion regiments.
0-2 Skirmisher                                 Enfants perdus.
0-1 Light or Heavy Artillery

A second order should arrive next week and this will give me an opportunity to paint flags and standards. 

4 opmerkingen:

Phil zei

Great looking troops for this nice period...

Kaptain Kobold zei

Do the infantry count as pike-armed?

Timurilank zei


Thank you for the kind word.

After completion of these two collections I will add civilian figures and the King's Musketeers from Blue Moon.

Of course, I shall need to build a way-side tavern with a terrace complete with tables and benches. This would be classed in DBA 3.0 terms as a "hamlet".

A small chateau would also be nice; those built in the Wallonian or Flanders style would be classed as a "fort".


Timurilank zei

Kaptain Kobold,

At the moment, the draft have them +3 against foot and +4 against mounted with a compulsory pursuit against foot.

Despite the formation being six deep, the rate of fire was still slow,

Square formation is allowed and effective against mounted.