donderdag 26 februari 2015

DBA-HX 3.0 1700 – 1850 is on file.

Many of you will be pleased to read; the DBA-HX 3.0 1700 – 1850 is now available at the Fanaticus Resource page along with other DBA and HOTT variants. Just follow the link at the bottom to the page.

The rules are 4 pages in length, but also include 22 pages of army lists covering the Spanish Succession War to the early Colonial conflicts around the world. Players, new to the Horse and Musket era, will find the added descriptions in each army list useful.

In addition to the core set of rules there are period amendments for the Seven Years War, the Napoleonic era and recommendations for fielding native armies against European armies with firepower advantage.

Those of you who have experienced the older 2.2 version of DBA will know that 3.0 game play is faster, movement distances have increased and other rule mechanism make it an improvement over the older version. All of that has been integrated into this version as well as a few interesting new features.  

It goes without saying, you will need DBA 3.0 to use the variant.


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