dinsdag 17 maart 2015

French and Imperial regiments with flags.

Flags for the French and Austrian foot are now added to their respective regiments. The French Picardie (red) and Navarre (green) are seen here in photo one.

The Imperial forces are a mixed group. One foot unit have the older version of an Imperial flag while the General has the newer type. If the second flag appears Spanish, you are partly correct. 

The frontier between the United Provinces and France changed ownership during this period. Historically, the region was still Spanish, until Louis XIV launched his “Spanish Promenade” to capture all the forts in the region. The forts which surrender, their garrisons were allowed to keep their arms and leave; which meant north toward the United Provinces or east toward Imperial held lands. 

As was the case during the period, formations could find themselves with new allegiances and such is the lot for this unit.  

The extra flags and standards as seen in the previous post are to be used for order number three which will be placed next week. This will double the number of elements to give me two commands of French and two of Imperial Austria and allies. 


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Tom zei

Very nice effect with the flags. I like the way you've done the units.


Timurilank zei

I have added a brief description of how this was done. It does make a difference.