donderdag 19 maart 2015

Flags – the finishing touch.

On a recent post I received a number of queries about the flags for my late 17th century units, namely the shaping or bringing movement to them.

I draw by hand and paint my own flags and since last three decades, the technique has become second nature to me even the size of flags and standards has remain consistent over the past decades.

This latest project (Late 17th c.), I have made enough flags and standards for units that have yet to be ordered. This not only works as a stimulus to finish my project, but also saves set up time and paint.

Apply a fixative to protect your finished work as fixing flags to their staffs you may smudge or wipe out detail with your fingers or thumb.

My flags are marked with a centre line, so they can be folded in half.

Using a piece of brass rod I will score that section which wraps around the staff.

Un-diluted white glue is applied to one side and the area which will fit around the staff. Matching the upper corners, gently press the two halves together working back to the staff. Using your thumbnail, make sure the flag is set 
tight about the staff.

Half n’ half method:

Using a brush handle, preferably thin, set this at about a 60 degree angle and gently curl the flag back.

From the farthest upper corner curl the flag back in the opposite direction stopping short of half way.

This “S” form can become compact (close to the staff) or relaxed as in fully extended. 

Your choice. 

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Scheck zei

Great job you do! I adore your patience for painting them so accurately. I do my flags in the computer for reproducing them and to vary. But you are a master in painting!

Timurilank zei

Hello Peter,

For the American Civil War I did resort to photoshop reproductions. Resized but printed in grey scale I painted the reds and blue with acrylic paint.

This was the only time I resorted to computer printed flags, but then I made 30 flags for each side. Simply too many to do by hand.

If you are adept with computer reproductions then I would still recommend painting over or highlighting the colours and adding a fixative.

Good Luck.

James!! zei

Hello, gotta love your armies. I also love your armies on your other site. I am looking for 4 double armies (2 pairs of enemies) to buy. Would some of your armies be available for sale? If so please contact me at jlara9 at gmail dot com. Thank you!

Timurilank zei

Hello James,

Thank you for the kind comment.

Actually, I am in the process of selling armies so I shall contact you at the email address you gave.