zaterdag 14 februari 2015

“For God, Queen and Country” - square bashing

The final draft for DBA-HX 3.0 is now complete with a revised section for Generals and final tests are underway among the test group, I decided to give the Afghans their parting shot on the Anglo-Indian force. The Afghans now marshalled a mixed force of mounted and foot according to the army list as seen here.

First Afghan War, 1839-1842
95. Afghans
1-3 Cavalry                                       Note; subject to compulsory pursuit.
1-3 Light Horse                               Mercenary (Pindari).
1-2 Warrior                                      Bow or Musket armed.
2-6 Warrior                                      Melee weapons.
0-2 Warrior                                      Rajput, compulsory pursuit.
1-2 Light Artillery or Cavalry
0-2 Skirmisher or Light Horse

No Rajput among the test force but they did have skirmishers and light horse which could prove useful.
The Anglo-Indian force remained unchanged from their last two tests.

Britannia as defender unfortunately was denied all the advantageous terrain, so the Anglo-Indian army took the offensive. The Ghurkhas positioned on the left would lead the advance followed by the Sepoy column and the European battalions in support. Expecting Afghani Cavalry to sweep the open flank, the European and Sepoy Cavalry with the Horse Artillery were placed in a reserve position.

The Afghan plan was simple; engage the enemy line with the Cavalry lapping around their line. The Pindari horse was held in reserve to support the cavalry effort.

Opening moves.
The Ghurkhas, over enthusiastic about their role moved too far forward, resulting in their paying dearly for their mistake.  The rest of the Afghani host moved forward and by turn two the Cavalry closed on the line formation of Sepoys. The Sepoys came through and repulsed both units. A subsequent bound was needed to dispatch both by well delivered volley fire. This brought the score even at 2-2.

By this time, the battle was settling down to a slug fest with the Anglo-Indian force gaining the upper hand. Try as they might, the Afghani could make little impression on the thin line of European and Sepoy foot. Fearing the initial Afghani Cavalry assault, one Sepoy battalion formed square and remained in formation as the Pindari Horse also arrived. From their square formation, the Sepoys were able to deliver a volley fire (6-1) on the leading Pindari sending it to paradise. Score, 3-2 for Britannia.

The European and Sepoy formations, operating with clockwork precision were repulsing every effort by the Afghani force. The Cavalry reserve was now released to clear the last Pindari threat. This released the Sepoys in square to join the general advance and with the help of their brother regiment took out a unit of Skirmishers ending the game 4-2.

This test used a mix of foot and mounted but illustrated well the superiority of firearms over native will power armed with sword and shield. During the game the Skirmishers made little impression even against the Sepoys whose factors are lower than the European line. Standard Warriors, although they mercilessly wiped out the Ghurkhas were repulsed repeatedly by the Europeans and Sepoys. Both Generals had their day attaching themselves to units. The Afghani General did not remain long with his Warriors as they were repulsed leaving their General gathering his wits further back.

Next week, the tests will leave India and move to the Napoleonic era with Russians and French fighting a loose simulation of the first Battle of Polotsk, 1812.   


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Kaptain Kobold zei

I'm really enjoying these reports, especially the range of periods covered. Are the 3.0 modifications for DBA-HX available anywhere please?

Timurilank zei

Hello Alan,

The DBA-HX 3.0 (1700-1850) is in its final stages of play testing. The test group from around the world have been very positive about changes, speed of play and the expanded army lists.

I may be optimistic, but I think this should be ready at the end of the month.

At that time, files will be available at the Fanaticus Resource page devoted to variants of DBA.

With a short break we move onto the Civil War with 3.0.


Kaptain Kobold zei

Great, thanks very much. We've just started playing DBA 3.0, whilst I have dabbled with various small-scale DBA type variants for different periods, so it might be interesting to combine the two in some games.