dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

A Civil War project – Wilson’s Creek, 10 August 1861

The map illustrates the six square mile area over which the battle was fought. A game simulation could be played on a 4 x 6 foot table in its entirety, but for this test two standard size game boards were used for General Lyon’s main assault and Sigel’s supporting attack from the south.

The maps I sourced show differing contours and direction of hills. As a compromise, Sigel’s southern approach began at a position closer to the camp of the Arkansas State Guard. Lyon’s game board show rolling hills north of the Skegg house and Skegg’s Creek.

Both Lyon and Sigel enter their respective boards at 06.00 hours. Of the Missouri State Guard, three of the four divisions (Clark, Slack and McBride) are the first to confront Lyon’s assault. Rain’s division positioned east of Wilson’s Creek are moving to join battle.

Situation 06.00 – 07.00 hours. (Northside)
General Lyon deploys the 1st brigade from column to line and sends the artillery to an advantageous position to shell the camp. Both the cavalry and rangers are placed on the left flank to support.
Cawthorn’s brigade of mounted troops are first to confront the Federal troops, but await the support of the Missouri Guard before advancing further forward.

Subsequent bounds, Lyon expands his line and brings a devastating volley fire on Cawthorn’s troops. These now flee southward.

McBride’s are entering the field near Skegg’s farm and will anchor the left flank. Meanwhile, the remaining Missouri troops west of Wilson’s Creek have hastily formed up on the heights near camp. The remainder of the Missouri Guard, alerted to the emergency are making haste to cross Wilson’s Creek from the east bank.

Situation 06.00 – 07.00 hours. (Southern end)

Sigel has caught the Arkansas Guard encamped and begins a bombardment. In response, a healthy pip roll of six ensures everyone is mounted and ready to move off. 

That slight advantage gave the Rebels an opportunity to secure the heights north of the Springfield road and position their guns to bring flanking fire on the Federal troops. 

Next post, part two and conclusion.

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Cyril Walker zei

Great effort.
Enjoying the series.



Timurilank zei


Thank you for your comments.

The plan is to re-create many of the battles which took place in the West (1861) and this is for a number of reasons.

There is such a diversity of small scale actions using naval and land forces which will help in drafting the rules variant.

Secondly, much of the Western theater is over-shadowed by events in the East, so this serves as a learning experience for me and I hope for the reader as well.