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The Battle of Wilson's Creek, August 10, 1861

We return to Missouri for another test game, this time the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. Fought on the 10th of August between Federal forces commanded by General Lyon and the Missouri State Guard under Sterling Price, this was a noteworthy engagement as the Federal troops split their forces with the intent of catching rebel forces in two prong attack. A bold plan as the Federal troops were outnumbered by twice their strength.

Order of battle
Federal Troops, Brig.-Gen. Lyon
1st Brigade, Maj. Sturgis:
1st US. Infantry,  2nd Mo. Infantry (bn),  2nd US Arty, Kansas Rangers, 1st US Cav.
2nd Brigade, Lt.-Col. Andrews:
2nd US Infantry (bn), DuBois Baty, 1st Mo. Infantry
3rd Brigade,  Col. Deitzler:
1st Kansas, 2nd Kansas,
Missouri Volunteers
2nd Brigade, Col. Sigel
3rd Mo., 5th Mo., 1st US Cav, 2nd US Dgns., Mo. Arty.
1st Iowa, Mo. Home Guard Cav., 1st US Cav.

Union total: 5,400 and 16 guns

Missouri State Guard, Major Gen. Sterling Price (5,221)
Rain’s Division
1st Brigade: 1st Infantry, 3rd Infantry, 4th Infantry (bn.), 5th Infantry, Bledsoe’s Baty.
2nd Brigade: not given in official records.
Parson’s Brigade: Kelly’s Infantry, Brown’s Cavalry, Guibor’s Baty.
Clark’s Division
Burbridge’s Infantry, 1st Cav. (bn)
Slack’s Division
Hugh’s Infantry, Thornton’s Infantry (bn), Rive’s Cav.
McBride’s Division
Wingo’s Infantry, Fostor’s Infantry, Campbell’s Cav.

Arkansas State Guard, Brig. Gen. Pearce (2,720)
1st Ark. Cav, 3rd Infantry, 4th Infantry, 5th Infantry, Woodruff’s Baty, Reid’s Baty.

McCulloch’s Brigade (2,234)
1st Ark. Mtd Rifles, 2nd Ark. Mtd. Rifles, Ark. Infantry (bn). So. Ks-Tx Mtd., 3rd La. Infantry

Confederate total 10, 175 and 15 guns (Battles and Leaders describes 6 – 7,000 as fit and equipped)

On the day the Confederates were to move on Springfield (9 Aug.) it rained. At daybreak (06.00 hrs.) on the 10th many were preparing a morning meal when the Federal troops of Lyon and Sigel made their assault. 

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