woensdag 13 augustus 2014

A Civil War project – Wilson’s Creek, later morning

Situation 07.00 – 08.00 hours. (Northside)
With the initial shock passed, Price was able to stiffen the line with the arrival of troops under his command. The Missouri Guard were now pouring regular and effective volleys into the blue ranks of Lyons force. Just before 08.00 hrs. Lyon’s 1st brigade was destroyed at a spot that would later be called “bloody hill”.

A very precarious situation presented itself as Lyon had lost one of his best brigades and secondly, he was too deeply committed to withdraw. (Lyon’s command was one unit short of demoralization).

Situation 07.00 – 08.00 hours. (Southern end)
Continuing their pursuit, Federal infantry deployed skirmishers and moved forward, while the artillery concentrated on the enemy near Sharp House. Having left the security of the heights Sigel contemplated the wisdom of the two pronged assault as the enemy were improving their position and composure. Re positioning his artillery to the hill would improve their support role and the infantry line would help, but Sigel could feel the initiative slip away.

Collecting their wits and horses, Pearce’s mounted brigade were able to form up north of the Springfield road.  Dismounting near the base of the hill, the Arkansas Guard formed a loose line formation and awaited the order to advance. 

McCulloch’s troops could be seen in the distance and together they would give the Federal troops a good whipping. 

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