dinsdag 3 juni 2014

A Civil War project - the Union

The miniatures
The bulk of the collection will come from Old Glory miniatures and Blue Moon will be sourced for specialized formations or the general officer corps. I have plenty of terrain items, all standard for DBA use, but there are features unique to the period that may need constructing; clapboard houses, churches, barns, log cabins, mills and bridges.

Historical Scale
All our Horse and Musket collections use the element to represent a battalion of foot or a regiment of mounted. For game purposes the same representation will be used, but distances will need adjustment as infantry formations used less ranks. Play testing will determine a suitable distance.

Continuing with an element representing the regiment/battalion, on average these would be grouped into a brigade with three or four brigades making up a Division commanded by a general. A corps comprising of two to four such “divisions” would approach a big battle game.

Historically, the Confederate forces were grouped differently having more regiments per brigade having a Confederate division equaling two of the Union. I am formulating some ideas that will become clearer while play testing.

Although this does not list battles or campaigns it does present the “what” of the Union and Confederate forces. From infantry, cavalry, and artillery, other departments are given attention and all in one book.

Arms and Equipment of the Civil War by Jack Coggins

A Treatise on the Tactical Use of the Three Arms: Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry by Francis Lippett (Link)

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