woensdag 4 juni 2014

A Civil War project - large battles

Multiple Corps size battles

Duplicating large battles has been a problem in the past. As the number of regiments increased per side, adding more table top surface seemed our only option for having everything deployed. This posed another problem as the width of the table increased, the depth could not. In the end, our Horse and Musket games took on an appearance of an ancient battle with muskets and cannon.

In reality, Horse and Musket battles rarely engaged up and down the line. There are many examples of battles escalating from a series of probing actions followed by further support or redirecting emphasis elsewhere on the battle field. We resolved the problem of space by using a map to track all movement off the table top.

This will be explained in detail later, but in short we saved a lot of time handling only those troops deployed on the table top. Troop movement off table took perhaps a minute to resolve.

The system allowed our battles to develop as they were actually fought; demonstrations, holding actions, while maneuvering for a decisive blow. The system is simple and actually gave us a better impression of a large scale battle without physically moving every element.

Making progress

Two divisions of Union troops (24 elements) are now complete. These are now varnished and tomorrow I can start groundwork and flocking. Flags will be added later. 

Next, the Confederates.

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