maandag 2 juni 2014

A Civil War project

The last time I played an American Civil War battle was in my early teens. Together with friends we moved Airfix figures across concrete floors with chalk lines marking terrain features. As our pocket money increased we progressed to a 4 x 8 sand table, but since then, I had not returned to the Civil War.

It remained a popular period for others, but I had been put off by an excessive number of figures squeezed between table edges, excessive wait times between bounds, the use of overly complicated tables for shooting or morale checks, followed by the endless “what ifs” and speculation as time had run out.

My renewed interest is due in part to our revising DBA-HX using DBA 3. At the moment the our previous Horse and Musket set brought us short of the American Civil War. After much thought and research, this Civil War variant will have many options to cater to the conflict; river warfare, fortifications, and multiple day battles. Used in conjunction with the battle map system, players can comfortably maneuver several corps or more without the need for large tables.

DBA-HX version 3

When I first approached this project, my first thought was to modify the existing Horse and Musket set, but I later discovered a wealth of issues that I wanted to address in this set. Many engagements were prolonged conflicts that last more than a day. Secondly, there were few decisive victories and pursuits were lacking.

Neither side had a monopoly on brilliant command, yet there was finally a point in the conflict when a good level of professionalism had been reached. This version will take the command capabilities from the Horse and Musket set and expand them further.

Like the Severan Roman Project, which is featured at the Fanaticus Forum, I plan to paint the armies involved and build special terrain items and post them here. Play testing will follow when enough elements have been painted.

If the reader is just starting out with the American Civil War, I will add some helpful links and reference books.

Next: the Union forces.

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