vrijdag 22 november 2013

Maintain a flow.

Unlike the other combatants of the Seven Year War, Russian line and grenadier units had no regimental distinctions. If present, these were minor.

Basically, both musketeer and grenadiers wore a green coat with red collar and cuffs worn over a red waistcoat and breeches. Gaiters were white during the Summer period. Cartouche black and suspended from a natural leather belt. Black tricorne had white lace. Not a difficult figure to paint. but getting the right shade of red or green is the challenge.

I am aware of instances when coats were not worn during the Summer, but then so did regiments of other nations.

More information about uniforms, I would direct the reader to Kronoskaf.com for further details. Russian Musketeer uniforms:

The twelve elements are at a stage two level; basically the figure is fully covered. The next stage will bring detail to the figures and with minor cleaning up will be finished. In the background are the next batch of musketeers and grenadiers at various stages of preparation.


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Prince Lupus zei

Hello I am following your blog with interest.

I am experimenting with DBx type rules for SYW. Do you use any form of attrition when playing?


Timurilank zei

With the WRG 1685-1845 rule set, we did track losses for each unit. However, moving to DBA-HX helped speed the game, increased the size of battle and brought a clear decision within our time limit.

In a manner, units recoiling can reflect the loss of casualties and cohesion. The actual losses in a unit were not known until after the battle.

We therefore looked to other factors to reflect ability of a command to sustain its effectiveness on the battlefield; the general.

The standard big battle DBA game, a command a certain number of losses would become demoralised. A more determined general may exceed that level and press an, while a cautious general may find the risks too high and break off earlier.

All our generals are either Cautious, Bold or Rash, each either adding or subtracting to the number needed to reach demoralization.

Prince Lupus zei

Thanks for the reply. I wondered if you used any of the attrition "house rules" suggested on Fanaticus.

I like the general rating idea - ingenious.