zaterdag 23 november 2013

Order of Battle Zorndorf - first line

First Line

Gaugreben Division

Morbwinov Brigade
Kargopolskiy Horse Grenadiers (3 sqns)
Novotroitskiy Cuirassiers (3 sqns)
Tobolskiy Dragoons (3 sqns)

Saltykov Division under Lieutenant-general Piotr Semionovitch Saltykov
Panin Brigade
14- 1st Grenadier (3 bns)
16- Sankt-Peterburgskiy (2 bns)

Lubomirski Brigade
15- 3rd Grenadier (2 bns)
13- Rostovskiy (2 bns)

Uvarov Brigade
11- Chernigovskiy (2 bns)
10- Schlusselburgskiy (2 bns)

Leontiev Brigade
9- Ladozskiy (2 bns)
8- Kegsgolmskiy (2 bns)

Prince Dolgoruki Brigade
7- Suzdalskiy (2 bns)
6- Butyrskiy (2 bns)

Heavy Brigade
Prince Fedorovitch Cuirassiers (5 sqns)
3rd Cuirassier (5 sqns)
Kazanskiy Cuirassiers (3 sqns)
Arkhangelogorodskiy Dragoons (3 sqns

The first pack are nearing completion. In between breaks, I bring the other groups along to their next stage. This is much like a Chinese Theatre with the artist keeping dozens of plates spinning atop bamboo sticks. Working this way actually moves the project along at a good pace.


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