dinsdag 19 november 2013

Building a SYW Russian army

I am currently painting a SYW Russian army for a friend. Using our modified DBA-HX with 3.0, the army will represent Fermer’s forces at the Battle of Zorndorf.

The scale, using our rules will have an element represent a battalion of foot or 3 to 5 squadrons for cavalry.

From Kronoskaf, Russian strengths are quoted as 56 battalions, 50 squadrons, 7 Cossack regiments and field artillery of 60 heavy guns and 146 regimental pieces.
This equates for our game purposes

to 56 elements of grenadiers and musketeers, 10 elements of Cuirassier, Horse Grenadier, Dragoon and Hussars plus 12 Cossack LH. Artillery scaled down would have 3 Cannon and 6 artillery pieces for the Russians.

Figures are all 15 mm Old Glory and to complete this army before Christmas we are splitting tasks. I will paint and base the figures and ground work, varnish and flags will be taken care of by Lex.

Musketeers and Grenadiers
Stage one, will tackle the bulk of the infantry; these are two packs of musketeers and one of grenadiers or 24 elements of musketeers and 12 of grenadiers. On average, the Russians grouped two regiments of two battalions to form a brigade. 

There were rare exceptions to this, but tomorrow I will post an OB for the Russians with additional photos of the infantry.

Today we start sweating. 

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