vrijdag 7 juni 2013

Converged Grenadiers.

During the Seven Years War with the exception of Prussia, France and Russia, very few nations fielded permanent grenadiers units. Creating an elite fighting unit, combining the grenadier companies was the only option.

Grenadier companies that formed alongside companies of several regiments at the start of the year could find themselves grouped with other companies later in the campaign season. Painting a converged grenadier battalion poses a number of problems; which battalions were present, would their strength allow further reduction by a grenadier company and lastly, the uniforms.

The Allied army at Hastenbeck I did have an order of battle listing regiments from Hannover, Brunswick and Hesse-Kassel. Which grenadier companies were grouped together unfortunately is not known. At this point, one needs to apply a dose of logic. Taking the grenadiers from the regiments known to be in brigade is a step in the right direction.

The next question is which units to paint. As I play DBA-HX, I have only four figures to represent my converged battalion, so the ”artist” in me selects the prettiest ones.

In the photo are two columns of converged grenadiers, the smaller from Brunswick and that on the right, of Hesse-Kassel. Flanking the grenadier columns are elements of Jaeger supported by the Prussian Zieten Hussars. Note, the Hussars are based a Cv or cavalry. Prussian Hussars were considered battlefield cavalry unlike the other nations whose Hussars were not as well trained and remained LH or light horse during the conflict.

My order from Blue Moon UK should arrive soon. This includes the last three converged grenadier battalions from Hannover (similar uniform as the British) and last but not least, my generals. 


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Phil zei

Nice, very nice looking Grenadiers!

Timurilank zei

Thanks. These grenadiers wore a similar cut of uniform as the Prussians, while those of Hannover followed the British one.

I ordered enough to fill the grenadiers of Hannover and the two converged British Grenadier battalions present at Vellinghausen.