maandag 3 juni 2013

HM and HEIC- a parade review

The flags were painted yesterday and added to their respective elements. Not all regiments have flags as these serve to identify brigades, useful when creating “commands” for our big battle games. The composition of brigades follows as close to its historical example.

From a distance, the elements are nearly identical until one takes a closer look to examine the skin tone. Historically, European battalions were brigaded with two or more Native battalions. European and Native Cavalry were likewise brigaded together.

The collection numbers 43 elements of European and Native infantry (4Ms) and Rifles and Gurkhas serving as skirmishers (2Jgr), both European and Native cavalry (3Cv), 4 cannon (Cn) and 2 artillery (Art) elements. Four Generals complete the total. 

Photo one, the right wing. 

Photo two, the left wing. 

Photo three, the reserve division. 

Photo four, the cavalry. 

Photo five, an overview.

I have considered adding more mounted to bring their numbers up. Most likely these will be the lance armed irregular cavalry which served in all three Presidencies. The long kurta, turban and cummerbund followed some uniformity, being mostly red, green or yellow (Skinner’s Horse).

DBA-HX upgrade
This past month, we adapted the latest draft version of DBA 3.0 and I must say this worked better than expected. The subtle change in combat result, the solid and fast distinction, and flank support allow for troop qualities without the unnecessary fiddling of combat factors. We are still experimenting with this. Any reporting will be posted to the Fanaticus Forum, section DBA in the Age of Gunpowder.


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