donderdag 13 juni 2013

Allied Generals and staff at Hastenbeck 1757

The order for generals, grenadiers and civilians arrived from Old Glory UK. These Blue Moon products are from their French and Indian war list and are British and French Generals, British Grenadiers and the colonial civilians.

As there is little difference in cut of uniform for the British and French generals,  both packs will serve for the allied command. The Duke of Cumberland as CinC, the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp for the cavalry, Major-general von Drachenhausen and Lieutenant-general von Spörcken for the infantry. The remaining mounted officers will be clustered together on a base to represent Ferdinand of Brunswick who succeeded command of the Allied army.

At the outbreak of the Seven Years war, there were no prescribed uniform regulations set for a General officers. Generally, the uniform worn with the last served unit was further embellished with gold or silver lace trim.

The Duke of Brunswick, pictured here is one such example.

The Duke of Cumberland, better known for his command of the British at Fontenoy and Culloden, after Hastenbeck, Cumberland did not serve further on the continent. Illustration from the History of the British Army. 

The converged Hanoverian grenadiers were taken from all the battalions present. As to which companies were grouped, that information is not known, so using a gamer’s logic, the three battalions will represent those units posted to the left wing, the center and right wing.

The last two bases will represent the converged British Grenadiers of Maxwell and Walsh. Their composition is known.

As generals of infantry command, both Drachenhausen and Spörcken will have officers on foot on their bases. Holstein Gttorp has one mounted aide.

Now, let the painting begin.


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