dinsdag 28 mei 2013

The Queen’s Regiments and HEIC – 1830 to 1845

The infantry

During the course of gathering information on the various campaigns, I gathered an army list with probable troop type and ratio of cavalry to infantry, but more importantly, the ratio of Native to European regiments. Determining which regiments served in India, the lists provided by the Nafziger collection proved useful giving the names of cavalry and foot regiments stationed in India during this period.

In addition to HM troops, the Honourable East India Company did field its own European regiments. Generally, all three Presidencies had raised at least one or two regiments. Of these, I selected the 1st Bengal European regiment and the 1st Bombay Fusiliers to paint up.

At this period, only one Highland regiment was stationed in India, the 78th later to be known as the Seaforth Highlanders. This was good news, as I did not relish the idea of painting tartans.

The remaining units pictured here would become the 9th, 29th, 31st, 50th, 62nd and 95th Foot. Facings are for the most part yellow or buff except the 50th which had black.

The two presidency regiments would have standard dress with white trousers. HM units would have soft caps or shako (covered and uncovered). I will add variety to the uniforms and paint white cloth covered shako with blue trousers, often depicted in the lithographs and uncovered shako with white trousers.

Last on the list are the 95th, later to become the Rifle Brigade, which still retain their green uniform with black facings.

Artillery is next on the project list.

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