woensdag 29 mei 2013

HM and HEIC artillery

Uniforms for all three Presidency’s followed British regulations and conformed with changes set by the War Ministry.

Foot artillerymen had blue coats with tails folded back to show red turnbacks. Seasonal changes determined if artillerymen wore white summer or blue winter trousers. I chose both so as to distinguish HM (Her Majesty’s) artillery from HEIC (Honourable East India Company) units. The bell shako was later replaced by the Albert model, but this is outside the time frame of the collection.

The DBA-HX allows for cannon and artillery; artillery have a shooting range of 500 paces and cannon double the distance.

To balance the collection, the foot artillery here show both cannon (heavy 12 pounders) and lighter artillery with two crew handling 6 pounders.

I have no Horse artillery, noticeable with their peculiar dragoon styled helmet with red horsehair tail. Although depicted in many illustrations, I have not found their presence in campaigns of the period being collected. If I find information to the contrary, then I can always convert the headdress at a later date.

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