dinsdag 21 mei 2013

The HEIC, pre-mutiny period.

In March of this year I posted a short piece with photos of my newly painted Bengal Native Infantry.

The figures, originally SYW Austrian Grenzers, have an identical cut of uniform to fit the style worn by Native Sepoy regiments pre-dating the Mutiny of 1857. These would work well as native troops for the Sind, Burma and Afghan wars, but the problem was to find suitable European figures to create an army.

For the past month, I had gleaned nearly every available source that could help with uniform descriptions, regulations, dress and campaign differences in the period 1830 to 1845. British uniform regulations were in a state of flux and this not only affected the infantry, but cavalry and artillery as well.

Suitable figures: I knew Black Hat launched a Sikh War series in April, but I wanted figures that would be compatible with OG15s. Reading reviews of Blue Moon product, I knew these would be of similar height and looked to their available line.

Through an exchange of emails, Andy at Old Glory UK was helpful with suggestions and I placed my first order to fill out the European ranks for India.

The British infantry will come from the Mexican infantry and New Orleans Greys of the Texas Independence list as well as the artillerymen and cavalry. Guns were selected from the British Napoleonic list.

Shako and soft cap fit the uniform of the period as well as the cut-away coat. The accouterments are perfect and all figures wear trousers. Only the cavalry require some conversion. With the exception of the Governor-General’s bodyguard all will need a different headdress, a shako or cap with neck cloth.  

Next post will cover the infantry.

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fireymonkeyboy zei

I really admire your dedication to detail and research on this project.


Timurilank zei

I believe this is half the fun.

The next step is finishing the collection so battle can begin.