donderdag 16 mei 2013

Brunswick at Hastenbeck

The final contingent for my allied force at Hastenbeck are those of Brunswick which supplied two brigades of infantry. A further two battalions of grenadiers were added to the general reserve.  

No cavalry were supplied. It was not until three years later that Brunswick raised two units of mounted troops.

The figures, like my Hessian troops, came from extra Prussian musketeers and required very little modification.

Brigade Erbprinz of Brunswick                 
Brunswick Behr (2 bns)
Brunswick Leib-Regiment (2 bns)

Brigade von Behr                         
Brunswick Zastrow (1 bn)
Brunswick Imhoff (2 bns)

von Hardenberg Brigade of converged grenadiers        
Brunswick Grenadiers (1 bn)

von Schulenburg Brigade (reserve of grenadiers)                                 
Brunswick Grenadiers (1 bn)

To do list:
I need to paint infantry flags for Hannover (3) and Brunswick (2). Those for Hesse-Kassel are done.

Cavalry standards are optional, but if I am inclined to make them, then I need 3 for Hannover and 2 for Hesse-Kassel.

The following General officers are needed: the Duke of Cumberland, Lt. General Zastrow, Lt. General Wutginau, and Lt. General Imhoff.

The above will be ordered from Blue Moon along with British grenadiers to serve for Hannover.

Grenadiers for the five battalions from Hesse-Kassel and Brunswick will be converted from my “extras” Prussian fusilier figures. 

The mitre cap is actually smaller than the British Grenadier cap and can be easily converted from a Prussian fusilier cap by clipping the spike off and adding Milliput to complete a bag.

Should not be long now.

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