maandag 13 mei 2013

Hesse-Kassel at Hastenbeck.

Hesse-Kassel provided the second largest contingent of the forces assembled at Hastenbeck. These were five regiments of cavalry and dragoons plus 13 battalions of infantry.

Re-painting the figures as Hessian was no problem, as all were formerly Prussian musketeers; blue coat with red facings, white waistcoat and breeches. Most remained unchanged with a few requiring white or yellow regimental distinctions.  

The photos show the final stage with flags for the infantry and a general officer.

Prinz von Anhalt Brigade
Leib-Regiment (1 bn)
Prinz Karl (1 bn)
Prinz von Anhalt (1 bn)
Fürstenberg (1 bn)

von Gilsa Brigade                            
Kanitz (1 bn)
Hanau (1 bn)
Haudring (1 bn)

von Fürstenberg Brigade         
Prinz Ysenburg (1 bn)
Mansbach (1 bn)
Erbprinz (1 bn)
Grenadier-Regiment (1 bn)  

A further two battalions of grenadiers were grouped with the reserve.

von Einsiedel Brigade                                   
Leib Regiment (2 sqns)                                            
Miltitz (1 sqn)                                                          
Ysenburg (2 sqns)     

von Urff Brigade                                
Prinz Wilhelm (2 sqns)         
Leib Dragoner (4 sqns)       


Brunswick are the last contingent and those will be posted tomorrow. I have also to place an order for grenadiers and general officers to complete the order of battle, plus some conversions you may find interesting.


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Emilio zei

Nice figurines, as ever.

Timurilank zei

Thanks Emilio.

I am pleased that this project is nearing its end. Tomorrow, I will post the information about Brunswick forces at Hastenbeck.

Old Glory 15's are great all-round figures for the SYW.

I received today, an order from Blue Moon of the UK. Great detailing and they mix well with OG15's.

The small number of British grenadiers and general officers I will order from them as this shipment took less than a week to arrive. That is great service.