zondag 12 mei 2013

Hannoverian Cavalry at Hastenbeck

At the Battle of Hastenbeck, d’ Estrées fielded 10,000 cavalry, twice as many under Cumberland. Of these, Hannover deployed the largest number followed by Hessen-Kassel and Schaumburg-Lippe.

Listed by brigade are the regiments from Hannover. Squadron strength is noted between parentheses.

von Dachenhausen Brigade                        
Busche Dragoons (4 sqns)                           
Breidenbach Dragoons (2 sqns)                  
Grenadier zu Pferde (1 sqn)                        
Dachenhausen Dragoons (2 sqns)                
Leibgarde zu Pferde (1 sqn)                        

von Zepelin Brigade                        
Hammerstein (2 sqns)                                 
Schollen (2 sqns)                              
Reden (2 sqns)                                             
Gilten (2 sqns)                                              
Jäger zu Pferde (2 companies)       

Detachment on the Weser                                    
Hanoverian Bock Dragoons (4 sqns)                       
Hanoverian Hussars (1 sqn)                         
Buckeburg Carabiniers (1 sqn)
Detachment around the Afferde Watchtower under von Ledebur (Hanoverian)         
Dachenhausen Dragoons (2 sqns)                
Leib-Regiment (2 sqns)
Detachment east of Afferde under Colonel Dachenhausen                                
Schlutter (2 sqns) unidentified unit                      
Dachenhausen (2 sqns)         

White coats were generally worn by both Horse and Dragoons from Hannover and Hesse-Cassel. With some minor exceptions this would mean all my extra British would undergo a transformation.

Before painting, I remembered to check my “extra” Prussian and Austrian cavalry if any elements could be substituted. These totaled 35 elements, so chances were good I might be able to save some painting effort.


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