dinsdag 19 maart 2013

SYW Prussian Army – the Dragoons

In photo one, we have 14 elements that will need transforming into a dozen Dragoon regiments. Uniforms were pretty much standard, so repainting is kept to a minimum; cuffs, collars, lapels, and shabraque with trim.

Under the WRG 1685 – 1845 rule set, these represented two Dragoon regiments. The total number of figures have decreased as I used a number of these to fill up the SYW French cavalry. What remain are more than adequate to fill out the OB for Prague.

In the second photo, the Dragoons have their regimental distinctions and you will note two regiments are of double strength, Bayreuth and Schörlemmer.

Completion is around the corner, last step the Cuirassiers.

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