woensdag 20 maart 2013

The final step, the Cuirassiers

With our old rule system I fielded five regiments, so this last step would take less than a day to convert. In the first photo, I have nearly twice the number needed, but no doubt with further changes, I will find a place for them.

The entire Prussian cuirassier corps numbered only 13 regiments, but many saw service in all the theatres during the war. When Fredrich moved between fronts he was accompanied by an elite force of cuirassiers and grenadiers.

The order of battle for Prague is complete with the latest addition of cuirassiers. Not shown during the project were the Frei Korps dressed in “double-blue”. These number 10 elements and are classed as skirmishers. I have another four elements of Jaeger and Volontaires du Prusse, the latter will be converted from Austrian Grenzer. The cylindrical hat will need to be reshaped as a mirliton and they will be ready to paint.

These last elements were not at Prague, but could well have been with the screening forces in central Bohemia.

After a short break, then the Austrians.

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