maandag 18 maart 2013

Now the Hussars

The total number of figures to be change were enough for those regiments present at Prague. I decided to represent all six regiments wearing the Mirliton cap. The extra number would serve as LH for the different Frei Korps that had mounted detachments.

Of the twelve elements (2 per regiment), four were ready and I need only note four uniform details on card before painting. Hussar regiment von Belling also wore black so that made the transformation easier.

Attention to horses was also needed, as the Prussian Hussars are mounted on similar coloured horse.

The last few steps. The Prussian Hussars are painted, however, a number of bases must be flocked and these I will do together with the four elements of Frei Korps and Jaegers.

Photo 2 shows the array of uniforms for the six regiments. 

Tomorrow, the Dragoons.

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