donderdag 28 mei 2015

French of 1670

Here are photos of the entire French collection to-date and these are based for DBA-HX 3.0 use. 

French Army, 1670.

3 x Generals
6 x Cuirassier
12 x Cavalry
2 x Light Horse
2 x early Dragoon
12 x Line Infantry w/pike
4 x Skirmishers
2 x Heavy Artillery.

Photo one.
Right Wing cavalry consisting of a mix of Cuirassier and Cavalry with enfant perdus in support. Generally, I have not seen the latter specifically positioned on the battle maps I have found, but have read of their use in conjunction with cavalry deployment.

Photo two
Centre formations consisting of twelve battalions of foot. From the flags painted these are first row, Picardie, Champagne, Navarre, second row, Douglas (Scots), Poitou and in reserve, Normandie.

Photo three
Left Wing cavalry with a similar mix of Cuirassier and Cavalry.

Photo four
Anchoring the left wing among the hedges are Light Horse Hussars, a Skirmisher and early Dragoons.

Photo five
An aerial view of both cavalry wings and centre foot. Heavy artillery is positioned well forward of the cavalry wing.

Photo six.
A close up of the infantry and flags.

Photo seven.
If you have followed the construction of the Chateau and vineyard you may note the increase in space taken up by the vineyard. Tripling the area took only two days to do and I am pleased with the final result.

My project list for the French army is now complete. Legio Heroica have plans to add some items for this series at the end of the year. I most likely will add more units then.

Tomorrow, I shall post the Imperial troops.


2 opmerkingen:

Phil zei

Nice looking armies...and castle!

Timurilank zei

Thank you for the kind words.

The individual items may not be 100% accurate, but the total picture does capture the essence of the period. I am pleased with that.

I also have the Blue Moon Three Musketeer figures, which include Highwaymen and civilians. Those will keep me busy for a week or two.