zaterdag 23 mei 2015

Flags – done.

Flags have been cut, trimmed and fixed to their brass flag poles. The dozen on the left are French and the Imperial flags should be recognizable by the double-headed eagle. The next step is fixing the flags to their respective bases and here I have a selection to make.

I mentioned in an earlier post, that as uniforms were generic I would give flags to half the elements. By doing so I would have enough elements without flags to fill out a command of say Bavarian, Saxony, United Provinces or other German State.

The total number of elements for the French is 42 and the Imperial and Allies are 43 strong. Both have strong numbers of Cuirassiers, Cavalry and some Hussars, while the infantry, both foot and mounted plus skirmishers number about one third of the total.

At the moment there are no plans to expand these, but you never know. I do however, have the Blue Moon Three Musketeer figures and civilians to paint up, so you can say the project still lives.

Tomorrow, I travel to Belgium for a bit of R&R. Tuesday, I shall have time to take pictures of both armies.


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Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke zei

Really nicely executed standards and guidons there! What sort of paper have you been using? Asian calligraphy paper by chance?

Best Regards,


Phil zei

They look great, well done!

Timurilank zei


I use standard 80 gram paper for printers.

Applying a ground colour, either white or yellow, I do thin my paint. So, to avoid wrinkling afterwards, I lay a second sheet and place a light weight book to keep the drawing flat.

If the pigment is too thick, then the penciled lines are lost.

This does require no more patience than painting a figure.


Thanks for the kind words.

Tuesday, I will have photos of both armies in their full glory.


Dave zei

Very nice!