zaterdag 4 april 2015

Cavalry and Generals are finished.

These are ready for varnishing and later this weekend I can begin the groundwork and flocking for all 26 elements. The amount of detail on the Legio Heroica figures is remarkable; I just wish I had the patience to do buckles and other accessories. Still, I am very pleased with the results and for now the collection will remain at two commands for the French and two for the Imperial side.

While doing the groundwork for these, I will also redo a number of transport and horse teams. I am changing over to round bases for horse teams and leaving transport on separate bases. This serves two purposes; one, ease of storage and two, during encampment wagons look better separate from their teams.

This coming week I should have my Musketeers and Civilians from Blue Moon Musketeer series. With that many figures, there should be a tavern or wayside inn on the plan board, but next terrain features are quick set hedges and vineyards.


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