dinsdag 31 maart 2015

Infantry units completed.

These are now ready for varnishing and tomorrow I can base the pike to their respective elements. Groundwork and flocking can be done during the course of the day. This phase adds 8 elements of Line Infantry with pike and 4 of skirmishers.  Flags were completed last week, so they will finish the units nicely.

The uniforms are generic to most of the French, Imperial Austrian and German states. The iron grey coats were quite common with blue prevailing for the German States and German troops in French service. The choice of brown for one unit represents an Italian unit in Imperial service. 

Next lot are all the mounted, assorted Horse and Cuirassier types. Standards have yet to be done as that will require a bit more research. The French standards are not difficult to find on the Internet, but the Imperial troops are. These two commands should be ready to join the other two for their first engagement on the 15th. There are a number of historical scenarios between Turenne and Montecuculi I would like to play out for this month.


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