maandag 3 november 2014

Great Northern War – Moldavian now complete.

I had a very productive afternoon. The last batch of Moldavian are now finished and in a few hours the varnish should be dry enough to spread a glue and sand mix to dry overnight.

The previous post I mentioned a number of units would be rebased, those being the Mercenary German and Ukraine Cossack infantry. Both would be drilled close order troops. I found only descriptions of the German units, but found nothing for the Cossack unit. The latter I painted in earth tones and painted their cloth bags red.

In the photo are 2 skirmish units, a dragoon and artillery unit. and the infantry rebased as mercenary German and Ukranian infantry (4Ms). This brings the total Moldavian force to 24 elements which makes me happy as these came from the leftovers box.

Photo one.

Further reading about the campaign, under Ottoman domination no fortresses were allowed or built. However, Moldavia could protect their monasteries, such that many became strongholds. There are recorded 150 such monasteries.

Photo two, the Monastery at Sucevita. 


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Archduke Piccolo zei

What a pretty piece of country!

Timurilank zei

That would make a fine scenic project for any game table.