zaterdag 1 november 2014

Great Northern War - the Moldavia

I am enjoying this, not only have I salvaged 40 figures from the lead graveyard, but I am discovering interesting aspects of Eastern warfare of the early 18th century.

From a Russian source there will be a need to modify the Moldavian list.

Moldavia it’s army in 1711 consisted of:

- Gospodar’s own guard, 60 harmash
- palace guard of 10 coys (100 each) of sekban enlisted from Balkan Slavs
- 4 foot enlisted “German” (west-European styled) regiments of 1 000 each
- 4 foot enlisted regiments of Ukranian (Zaporozskiy) Cossacks of 1 000 each
- 20 mounted enlisted choragwies of kolorachy from Moldavians
- 4 mounted enlisted choragwies of lipkany (Lithuanian Tartars)
- 2 mounted enlisted choragwies of beshly (Muslims, also acted as a police force for Muslims)
- provincial feudal levy, 1 000 of mounted kolorashy from each of 19 provinces
- 8 000 of the foot levy – doroban
- municipal militia (4-5 coys = buluk or beluk per a town, in the capital city Yassy – 10 coys)
- private coys of the nobles-boyars (usually called hinsary=hussars)

The German and Ukranian regiments most likely would be mixed pike and firearm as they would be expected to fight the cavalry hordes of Tartars. Choragwies are “banners” or squadrons of cavalry.

My calculations would give near equal strength of foot and mounted reaching possibly a total of 40,000 troops, so proportions remain unchanged, but there are “trained” among the numbers.

Of the remaining elements four have been rebased to make three elements of mercenaries, two Germans and one Ukranian and one artillery piece has been added. 

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