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WSS French and Bavarian

Although the flags do represent particular regiments the remainder of the command are rather generic. Most nations favoured a basic coat colour, yet a minority of regiments wore alternative colour schemes. The French fielded their regiments in white, but this can easily be pearl grey with foreign regiments wearing blue or red. 

French command one

French command two

The Bavarian wore not only blue coats, but used the universal “grey” as well. All figures are from the Essex European war list. Grenadiers have fur cap with bag which was used by all the Catholic countries and all foot wear the standard tricorne and long coat.

Bavarian command

Mounted have nearly the same style of uniform but wore various colours, such as red, white (grey) or blue. Some Bavarian Cuirassiers still wore the pot helm and cuirass outside the coat. The French did use the cuirass, but these were worn under the coat.

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