dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

Imperial Troops

With the exception of minor states clothing their troops in blue uniforms, the Imperial forces wore predominantly white coats. Breeches, small clothes mostly white, but here there is significant variation to paint some units with either red or blue breeches, stockings and cuffs.

Buff coats predominated among the Cuirassiers and Dragons tended to wear red or blue coats. Light Horse regiments or hussars are present during this time, but are small in number by comparison to other mounted.

Command one

Command two

It is possible to find regimental distinctions among the troops and place a name to the unit. However, the name given to the regiment was that of their commander, this could change considerably during the war.  Therefore, the entire collection reflect the most common types including the flags.

French, Bavarian, Imperial and Russian commands now total 7, there remain only 13 that require a national identity. Prussia, the United Provinces and Danes are certainly on my list. Before this happens I will have a number of games with the revised DBA Horse and Musket variant.


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