vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

Spanish Succession and Great Northern War

Russian cavalry followed similar uniform styles as the infantry with green coat and red cuffs predominating. Blue and red were alternative coat colours, but references are sketchy as to regimental uniforms and more so as to regimental flags.

The mounted units are both cavalry and dragoons with the latter based similar to DBR or DBA3 mounted infantry specifications.  

Reviewing the Russian list, Dragoons could make up the entire mounted force, but might be risky when fighting the Ottomans. The LH represent those Cossacks which remained loyal to the Czar.

2 – 4 Cv/Dr (Dragoon)
0 – 4 LH (Cossacks)

By the weekend I will have flags made up and a few more photos of the French, Bavarian and Imperial already completed. 


2 opmerkingen:

Andrew zei

Do you plan to use these to play DBA? I recently bought some Seven Year's War minis, and I have been wondering if I could somehow use DBA.

Timurilank zei

Hi Andrew,

That is my intention.

The Humberside variant originally used DBA 1 for their musket period adaptions. Others have since made revisions when DBA 2 became mainstream and I have done the same using DBA 3 based on the last draft copy of October 2013.

This and the version for the American Civil War will be posted to the Resource section at Fanaticus next month.

An announcement will be made at TMP and other online forums when that is done.