donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Spanish Succession and the Great Northern War

I have some time before my next order of ancients arrive, but looking at my list of projects I have 20 armies of the Spanish Succession period of which 5 are complete with flags; they are 2 Imperial, 2 French and 1 Bavarian.

The remainder could become, Danes, Dutch, Prussian, or additional French and Imperial armies, but that will be decided as the need arises.

I do however, need opponents to field against my 18th c. Ottomans. Russians at the time of Peter the Great would fit the bill. The Humberside list gives the Russians the following composition:

Early 18th c. Russian
2 – 4 Cv/Dr (Dragoon)
0 – 4 LH
0 – 2 Sh/Pk
3 – 8 Ms (musketeer)
1 – 2 Art

In the photo are the completed infantry (8 x 4Ms) and one artillery piece.
Tomorrow, I should have the cavalry finished including Dragoons mounted 3 or 4 foot figures and one mounted trooper on a 40 x 40 mm base.

While sourcing uniform information, I found a Russian three part documentary covering the Great Northern War that might be of interest.

This one is in French (no subtitles), which makes use of old film footage (1930’s) from “Charles XII” and “Peter the Great”.

I should have photos of the cavalry for my next post and the finished product with flags by the weekend.


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